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 Hi! I'm Sarah. I could say I’ve been blessed with intuitive gifts since childhood, even though at the time I had no idea what that meant. It wasn’t until I became a yoga teacher in 2007 when I grasped the notion of interconnectedness and the blessing of being human. Along with it comes the responsibility to heal old patterns and create new ones that propel us forward into the lives our souls are calling for. I passionately pursued the healing arts in search for clarity and became certified in a unique style of energy healing called CCH which focuses on identifying and removing stagnancy in the physical, mental and emotional body. About 5 years later, the akashic records found me. The records provide a framework for revealing hidden truths through understanding soul lessons and soul connections. They provide deep, loving insights into choices and challenges that pave the way for beautiful transformation, a peaceful heart, and calm mind. I will forever be grateful for their gifts.


 I am also the co-founder of H2Life. H2Life water bottle stickers are stylish accessories that raise the vibration of your drinking water. Since our bodies are made of water and water has a magnificent ability to absorb energy, it is essential to fill ourselves with positive intentions. Our mission with H2Life is to bring light to people and the planet one sip at a time. The records play a major role in my business ( and the creative endeavors of my clients.


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What People are Saying

  You are not a drop in the ocean.

You are the entire ocean in a drop.


Sarah is my go-to Akashic Records Reader! I am a reader as well and I must say, I have had many profound readings from her. Sarah has a fantastic way about her, meaning her energy is authentic, calming and kind. If Zen were a state of mind daily, she has it! Sarah is the type of Akashic Reader that speaks from the heart and touches your soul and knows its deep routed desires. She supports you without judgement and shines your light back on you just by being who she is. The Akashic is the perfect channel for her as she radiates the truth of her soul and connects with yours on the deepest of levels. The reality of any matter; career, relationships, money, experiences, out dated habits, and so on, she delivers your souls truth. You know this, because she ignites a feeling of peace in knowing without a fraction of a doubt that yes, this is true. Sarah, is a beautiful and accepting person that has guided me to dissolve the walls of resistance I have placed in my life. Her readings are insightful and full of love, leaving you anew with a fresh perspective on your life. She encourages you to do the work your soul needs and supports you every step of the way. Sarah is a healer and I know I am on the right path with her guidance. My heart smiles, I am so very grateful to have her in my life! Thank you, Sarah!

Morgan M

Sarah’s Akashic Record reading was fantastic. She was tuned into channeling my guides. She helped me to get clarity on some important questions during a transition in my life. She was able to give me some clear answers. Sarah is a gift. I will be using her again for when I need clarity for some life questions and transitions.

Antoinette C

Sarah's readings have provided me with a different level of insight that's been extremely helpful and supportive. She is always on point with whatever is going on and her delivery is warm and loving. I walk away from readings with Sarah feeling more at ease and with a sense a peace. Truly grateful for her gifts:)

Kara F

Kind, compassionate, Intuitive and grounded.  Sarah brought those characteristics to each of our sessions, creating a easy, safe space for me to share my issues vulnerably.  Her powerful gift for tapping into the records always provides a perspective, a thought and a way to move forward that I hadn’t thought of before.  Receiving Sarah’s Akashic Records readings has consistently supported me in making wise decisions and gaining clarity.  She is masterful at getting to the heart of the matter and delivering the messages that come through in a clear, present, and loving way.

Magalie R


Sarah did readings for all of my friends on New Years Eve. She took much time and care with everyone getting to the source of  the matter at hand. Everyone was blown away with the insight and wisdom Sarah brought to to their questions helping them to start off the New Year in alignment with their higher selves and purpose.


Nicole C


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